Cassy Lawton

Office Manager/Executive Assistant

Having worked in administration roles for over 30 years, Cassy divides her time between her executive assistant and office manager roles.

Cassy is a personal assistant to the Managing Director and assists the executive management team in their roles.  She is also responsible for the administration and day-to-day operations of the MRS office. This covers everything from IT to marketing, coordinating HR to making creditor payments. She is known for her multi-tasking and problem-solving skills, as well as her attention to detail, which ensures  the MRS team are able to consistently exceed client expectations.

Before joining MRS in 2005, Cassy worked in a similar role at Colliers for nine years, and prior to that spent some time travelling.

In her spare time, Cassy can be found with her family, catching up with friends, and looking after dogs for Guide Dogs SA/NT.