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Harmony Investment

Andrew Cain, Director

Harmony Property Investments, exclusive to MRS Property, has provided its clients with independent commercial property investments since 2003.

Our investment team are experts in both finding the 'right' commercial investment opportunities, and then proactively managing these property investments to deliver strong, regular returns for investors.


We carefully select the right property investments

We have a long track record since 2003 of optimising investment returns* through the initial careful selection of Australian commercial property, combined with proactive investment management. We are rigorous and conservative in our approach, with all of our investments considered against five key criteria:

  • Is this a property that will appeal to a broad cross section of potential tenants?
  • Is the current supply and demand situation for this particular property more in favour of Landlords than tenants?
  • How financially strong are the tenants?
  • Is there a strong likelihood that market rents for this locality will grow in excess of CPI?
  • How much capital expenditure is likely to need to be spent on this property in order to ensure its ongoing appeal to existing and prospective tenants?

Before proceeding with the acquisition of any investment, each property is diligently assessed by our Investment Committee.

Once a property has been purchased, investor distributions are paid quarterly, and we actively manage both the property and the finances, in order to ensure investment returns* are optimised.

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Harmony Property Investments Team

Geoff Robertson

Managing Director

Andrew Cain


Carol Olsen

National Portfolio Manager

Lloyd Ioannou

Director - Melbourne / Investment Manager

Steve Hamblin

Chief Operating Officer

Adam Hollard

Fund Accountant

Cain Gurney

Acquisition Manager

Daniel Robinson

Investment Manager

Lauren Talifero

Investment Analyst

Sara Bennie

Investor Relations

Kelly Rundle

Investor Relations/Accounts

Anna Sarandis

Finance & Investor Relations Officer and Portfolio Assistant

* Returns on investment are not guaranteed. Investors are advised to seek independent financial advice regarding their wealth management approach.

Harmony Property Syndication Pty Ltd (Harmony) is an independent property investment business being the holder of Australian Financial Services Licence No 270413, issued by ASIC