Meet Daniel from Harmony Property Investments

Daniel Robinson, a senior member of the HPI Investment Management Team maintains a property portfolio encompassing Industrial and Office assets in QLD and WA and has been with us for over 5 years now.

Q. Who inspired you to pursue the career you enjoy today?
A. Friends who were already studying the Bachelor of Business (Property) degree at uni got me involved. I actually went to their uni lecture and decided it was what I wanted to do. Phil Beaton deserves credit for guiding me down the commercial path.

Q. Being part of the Harmony Team, what do you find the most enjoyable aspect?
A. Working with some of the industry’s best property people has always been a highlight.

Q. Favourite travel destination and why?
A. Canada, Finland and Norway are naturally beautiful countries which I’d go back to in a heartbeat. But London, Brugge and Buenos Aires are probably the coolest cities I’ve visited.

Q. Something from your bucket list?
A. I’ll give you three – A Safari, The Northern Lights and seeing another Crows flag would be nice!

Q. In a few words, what does your role entail?
A. Treating investors’ money as if it were my own.