Andrew Cain Decides to Take a New Direction

After four decades of day to day involvement in the investment property industry, the Co-Founder of Harmony Property Investments (HPI) has decided to start a new career phase.

Andrew has been actively involved in all aspects of the Harmony Property Investments business since its inception back in 2003, and he will be stepping back from his day to day role in order to free up some time to do some other things in his life.

He will however remain as both a Shareholder and Director of Harmony Property Investments, so he will continue to have an active connection to the company.

Andrew specifically highlighted that HPI is a very personal business, where investors place their trust in HPI to both find and then manage investments which provide both regular income and capital growth. He commented that successful property investment typically requires a longer term perspective, and that he is very proud of how the above average performance of the various HPI investments has led to the business growing steadily over the past 19 years, reaching Funds Under Management of $700 million with a further $325 million of investments which have been successfully sold.

Andrew looks forward to sharing in the ongoing success of HPI’s investments, which are securely vested in the hands of a very capable and forward looking team of property professionals.

Finally, Andrew also commented that one of his hobbies will continue to be trying to both follow and understand the intricacies of what is going on in investment markets, and that he is always happy to have a coffee and a chat with any investors that would like to do so.