289 Wellington Parade South, East Melbourne

Harmony Property Investments is delighted to welcome two new tenants to 289WP, with the Victorian Skills Authority (State Government of Victoria) and C02CRC both recently completing their respective fit-out works to their Level 3 tenancies.

VSA is an Administrative Office of the Dept of Education and Training, reporting to the Minister for Training and Skills, with VSA being the key link between Victorian industries, training providers, employers and communities. CO2CRC is Australia’s leading carbon capture, utilisation and storage research organisation with over 15 years of experience safely capturing, storing and monitoring CO2.

Harmony wishes both VSA and C02CRC all the very best for the future and we look forward to building strong working relationships with both groups. We thank both Matt Szakiel and Josh Tebb from JLL for their efforts in bringing these leasing matters together and for the benefit of VSA, C02CRC and Harmony.

Only one tenancy remains in the building on Level 2 of 1,024m2 which has been recently refurbished and brought back to a ‘warm shell’, with the space including magnificent views towards Southbank and Flinders Street from the exclusive terrace balcony and ample natural light. Please contact either Josh Tebb (0414 755 881) or Matt Szakiel (0439 757 370) for leasing enquiries.