IMG_4874At MRS we understand that Company Culture drives everything our organisation does and that it will be the guiding light that clarifies our decisions.

Our culture is a critical part of our brand and we understand that the culture we create, and use to make decisions, will determine how staff, clients, potential clients and service providers perceive our brand.

At MRS we treat everybody’s property or investment as if it is our own and we ensure that all staff ask themselves the following questions when advising our clients:

a)  What would I do it if was my property?
b)  If it was my property, would I spend my money on that?
c)  Would I invest my money into that investment?

These key questions are the benchmark for all MRS staff and Directors to uphold.

We understand that our customers and clients entrust us with their significant property transactions and investments and we will, at all times, demonstrate fiscal responsibility when investing and spending money on behalf of our clients.